Deliciously Healthy

Hello everyone! I want to share my favorite vinegar water drink that I got today. I received another Hongcho, Korean vinegar water flavored fruit drink, from my student and this time it is Korean Black Raspberry flavor. Yey! I think this is my favorite in Korea and still my fave flavor of Hongcho. I was really surprised when my student gave this to me. My heart is so happy.

So a little story-telling. When I was in Korea, my Korean roommate let me taste this Korean vinegar drink. I was hesitant at first because I thougt it was like apple cider but I was surprised that it tasted like juice. Till I bought my own Hongcho and made it a part of my drink. ❤

So what is Hongcho?

Literally means Red Vinegar. Hongcho is a fruity, tangy, refreshing drink mix concentrate with pomegranate juice (this is from Hongcho Vital Plus Pomegranate definition) concentrate and vinegar that has all the health benefits of pomegranate and vinegar in one bottle

Why is Hongcho Good For You? 1. Vinegar may help support the rate of digestion 2. Vinegar may help absorb calcium 3. Hongcho can be an addition to your everyday healthier life 4. Vital Quencher! So Refreshing!

How to Enjoy Hongcho? 1. Add to your favorite cocktail, smoothie, carbonated water, milk, yogurt, salad dressing, marinade, etc.

2. Visit for other ways to use our Hongcho!

Okay. So it pretty much gave the details you need from the definition to the benefits to how to drink Hongcho.

I believe to the health benefits that it claims. I know someone who started drinking Hongcho and felt good after making it a part of her beverage. So if you like something sour and fruity, try Hongcho Vital Plus.



Deliciously Healthy

Hear Me Say

(And to some of the boys out there. I really don’t know your reasons. Why in the midst of having a good relationship with your girlfriend somehow you still cheat. One thing I can tell. If you experience being tired in your relationship, go back to that very first day why you courted her. Why you wanted her to be your girl. What are the traits and characteristics that you liked about her. Go back to that and spend some time with her. A different from the other.) – Saw this post online and translated it. This is only an excerpt anyway.

E N O U G H !

We can not always tell a man to go think about why he courted the girl because women also change. And if that change in your character is something that is horrible, how can you expect a person to stay with you? If your partner has vices, it is bearable but if his or her personality, character, attitude or whatever you call it, became horrible, you cannot tell that person, “why you courted me in the first place if you gonna leave me?”

We should stop pointing fingers. Instead, for some time, look at ourselves.

I am sick and tired of people being one-sided thinking that it is always the girl who gets hurt and always the boy who hurts. I am in a relationship and I myself witness that women also hurt their partners, maybe unintentionally, of just them being spoiled. When we were done with a huge fight, I reminded my partner of of his words when he was courting me. And his response woke me in reality. I am not the same person he got a crush on. I am no longer the sweet, kind, and understanding person. I turned into a monster when we are together. I realized that yes I became a monster and it was because he poured all his love to me that I unknowingly took advantage of it. I saw my fault. Maybe I can say that I am fortunate because my man explained what changes in me and didn’t leave me without explanation.

That situation opened my eyes that women are also, at some point, at fault in the relationship.

I’m against cheating, don’t get me wrong. However, that is a different story.

Hear Me Say

Potato Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Pork

My alter ego chef is out once again 😁. These past few days, I learned how to cook buttered shrimp and cheese tonkatsu. And because I want to add another recipe in my imaginary menu, I became resourceful, as what I’m normally is 😁. As I was saying, I became resourceful with what’s in our kitchen. I found a can of Campbell condesed soup Mushroom Champignons, bacon tidbits, potatoes, and cooked ground pork. That sums up the ingredients. 😁


  • Campbell condensed soup Mushroom Champignons or any canned mushroom soup or any canned soup you have
  • Potatoes 
  • Bacon (in my case, we have bacon tidbits. You can cut your bacon strips to tidbits)
  • Ground pork
  • white onion, salt and pepper for tasting


  1. Wash the potato and peel the skin off or if you want to include the potato skin, go on.
  2. Cut the potato. In any shape you want 😁
  3. Cook bacon tidbits and ground pork. Put it in a clean plate after.
  4. Boil the potato for 10-20 minutes until it softens. Poke with knife or fork to check.
  5. In a sauce pan, saute the white onion.
  6. Pour the whole canned of Camobell condensed soup into the sauce pan and add a half can of water (And a half can of milk if it is available. In my case, I only add water). Stir until the Campbell condensed soup dissolved.
  7. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Keep stirring.
  8. Add the boiled potatoes and the cooked bacon and ground pork.
  9. Keep stirring for 3 minutes and turn off stove.
  10. Remove from heat and serve.

Here’s the finish product.

I post it in instagram as my story. Tada!!

Typo 😂

[Sorry for any grammar mistakes]

Till then. Happy cooking!

Potato Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Pork

Boyfriend for sale: The Sandwich Guy

I think it has been 2 weeks since we went to Baguio. We stayed along session road so it will be near at Burnham Park and at the night market. We checked in in La Brea Inn. I like their staffs. Very approachable and accommodated us warmly.

Just few steps away, you will find this Sandwich shop, The Sandwich Guy. It claims to be the world’s first hexagon sandwich. I can’t disagree because this is indeed the first hexagon sandwich I tried.

For the location, just look for their signage outside because the same place near the pathway is a photo studio shop. The inside part of the place is the sandwich shop. Are you picturing it? Sorry not really good in describing places.

Here’s how the place looks like. Admirable I’ll say.

#NoFilter #SorryIGuess?


They provide colored paper and pen so you can leave remarks, dedication, and anything nice. 😉14358792_536849693179328_1607848140922553620_n


And now for the food


I was craving for sandwich that time and good thing The Sandwich Guy was to the rescue. Hehe! I ordered half size of  carbonara. Small serving, yes. Hyuu~~ 😦 But the size of the sandwich is enough to fill your tummy. They offer half size. The size on the photo is full size. Remember? Hungry? Hehe! I will give 5 star for affordable price. 😉 Wew! I love winking huh? 😉

I guess I was so hungry  that time that I was unable to take a photo of the sandwich  before I munched it. Anyway, it was good except for the burned bread. When you go Baguio, give it a try and be the judge. Mwah!

Boyfriend for sale: The Sandwich Guy

Tree of Life

Hello y’all! It’s been a while since I last updated. Sorry I was being lazy. Anyway, my post today will be about how coconut water helped me in my health problem /cries/.

I had UTI (urinary tract infection) and unfortunately after having an ultrasound, I was informed that I have urinary retention that’s why I am prone in having UTI /sobs/. Let me tell you what happened. One morning, a woke up with a pain on my lower abdomen. The part where we feel pain when our bladder is full. Naturally, we will release the fluid in our body but in my case, no matter how long I sit in the toilet bowl and do some noises to be able to pee, it won’t come out. I was in terrible pain and I was crying because I was freaking out. The thought that came on my mind is what if I need to undergo operation because of this? And I’m scared of anything related with surgery. Just no. So I went outside the bathroom and told my mother what was happening to me while crying. She helped me do something so I can release my pee. Good thing she knows what to do in health related things because I have zero idea. To cut the long story short, we went to a laboratory to do blood test and urinalysis. It took half an hour and I still cant pee no matter how many water I drink. Then we saw coconut and bought one. I drank the coconut water and after five minutes or so, I felt the need to pee. Successfully, I’ve done what I have to do.

Even when I’m taking meds, I always drink coconut water to help me cleanse my inside and release toxins. I limit myself to water and coconut water and refrain from drinking any colored drinks.

It leaves me no choice but to love coconut water. They say fresh coconut water is healthier or better than water. It cures sickness. I guess that’s why it is called Tree of Life. 

So guys if you want to drink coconut water even you dont have any illness, make sure you are drinking the fresh one. Not the one that is already packed even it is written ‘no preservatives’. We know how business work. I’ll end it here. Happy reading! Live long!

Tree of Life