Book Review : Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern

6396700 Before I bought the book, I saw the trailer of Love, Rosie first and was very very happy and so excited to watch because Alex and Rosie are Sam Claflin and Lily Collins. That’s so freakin’ amazing! I was waiting since November for this movie to air in the Philippines but they push the date to January. During the Christmas vacation, I was strolling inside the National Bookstore checking books that will interest me when I saw Cecelia Ahern’s book section. (Haven’t read P.S. I Love You but saw the movie. Can’t express my feelings. But the fact that the man in the story died near the beginning of the movie, still makes my eyes wet.) Without thinking twice, I bought Love, Rosie. I am fond of reading and watching. If the book has a film adaptation, I prefer reading the book first before watching.
Love, Rosie aired on January 8th and I am going to watch it tomorrow, January 15th (Pope Francis is here in the Philippines. I hope I can still go to the cinema despite the road blocks.)

Enough with my long introduction, let’s begin with the review. Love, Rosie is not an ordinary love story. it is not written commonly because the content of the book is in email and letter type. This is the very first book that I’ve read that is not written in narrative or descriptive form. You must not expect to know the details about what happened, for example, the scene in Boston, because it is not shown there. This novel is the LITERAL story-telling. It is like listening to a drama on a radio(verbal communication) because it is full of written conversations.

You will laugh at every chapters and will get frustrated by all the missed opportunities. I even wanted to throw the book because of the feels every time another missed opportunities happens.
The novel contains of 5 parts and 50 chapters of laughter, romance, dreams, and realization.

I recommend this book for every one to read. This is not a typical love story. This is a story of two persons who are best friends since they were little and it took a lot of time and crazy situations before they realized and became sure that the person they want to spend the rest of their lives is each other.
I will post a movie review of Love, Rosie soon.

There are lots of wonderful quotes that can be get from the book. I will share one of my favorites.
Best-est letter to give to your friend who forgotten that you are alive, breathing, waiting for that friend to contact you.

“To the most inconsiderate asshole of a friend,
I’m writing you this letter because I know that if I say what I have to say
to your face I will probably punch you.
I don’t know you anymore.
I don’t see you anymore.
All I get is a quick text or a rushed e-mail from you every few days. I
know you are busy and I know you have Bethany, but hello? I’m supposed to
be your best friend.
You have no idea what this summer has been like. Ever since we were
kids we pushed away every single person that could possibly have been our
friend. We blocked people until there was only me and you. You probably
haven’t noticed, because you have never been in the position I am in now.
You have always had someone. You always had me. I always had you. Now
you have Bethany and I have no one.
Now I feel like those other people that used to try to become our friend,
that tried to push their way into our circle but were met by turned backs. I
know you’re probably not doing it deliberately just as we never did it deliberately.
It’s not that we didn’t want anyone else, it’s just that we didn’t need
them. Sadly now it looks like you don’t need me anymore.
Anyway I’m not moaning on about how much I hate her, I’m just trying
to tell you that I miss you. And that well . . . I’m lonely.
Whenever you cancel nights out I end up staying home with Mum and
Dad watching TV. It’s so depressing. This was supposed to be our summer
of fun. What happened? Can’t you be friends with two people at once?
I know you have found someone who is extra special, and I know you
both have a special “bond,” or whatever, that you and I will never have. But
we have another bond, we’re best friends. Or does the best friend bond disappear
as soon as you meet somebody else? Maybe it does, maybe I just
don’t understand that because I haven’t met that “somebody special.” I’m
not in any hurry to, either. I liked things the way they were.
So maybe Bethany is now your best friend and I have been relegated to
just being your “friend.” At least be that to me, Alex. In a few years time if
my name ever comes up you will probably say, “Rosie, now there’s a name I
haven’t heard in years. We used to be best friends. I wonder what she’s doingnow; I haven’t seen or thought of her in years!” You will sound like my mum
and dad when they have dinner parties with friends and talk about old times.
They always mention people I’ve never even heard of when they’re talking
about some of the most important days of their lives. Yet where are those
people now? How could someone who was your bridesmaid 20 years ago not
even be someone who you are on talking terms with now? Or in Dad’s case,
how could he not know where his own best friend from college lives? He
studied with the man for five years!
Anyway, my point is (I know, I know, there is one), I don’t want to be
one of those easily forgotten people, so important at the time, so special, so
influential, and so treasured, yet years later just a vague face and a distant
memory. I want us to be best friends forever, Alex.
I’m happy you’re happy, really I am, but I feel like I’ve been left behind.
Maybe our time has come and gone. Maybe your time is now meant to be
spent with Bethany. And if that’s the case I won’t bother sending you this letter.
And if I’m not sending this letter then what am I doing still writing it?
OK I’m going now and I’m ripping these muddled thoughts up.
Your friend,
Cecelia AhernLove, Rosie

Book Review : Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern

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