Movie Review : Love, Rosie

love-rosieLove, Rosie is a movie based on Cecelia Ahern’s international bestseller Where The Rainbow Ends. The story is about Alex and Rosie who are best friends since they were little. Many challenges came to their way and several missed opportunities happened before they realized that they are for each other.

Alex is played by a hottie actor, Sam Claflin who is famous for his character as Finnick Odair on Hunger Games: The Catching fire and Mockingjay part 1 and 2. While Rosie is played by Lily Collins who is famous for her role as Snow White in Mirror, Mirror and as Clary, a shadowhunter, in The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones.

When it comes to cinematography, the movie was greatly filmed. No shaky shots; the colors are not so bright and not so plain. There are lots of close-up shots so the expressions of the actors and actresses can be clearly seen.

When it comes to the portraying of their roles, Claflin and Collins made a perfect team-up. They are comfortable to each other off-cam and it made a great chemistry on-cam. I noticed that Lily Collins’s accent changed in the movie. It is more European than her natural accent. The setting of the movie is in Ireland. I can say that Collins did a great job. She put life on her character. For Sam Claflin, he did a great job to make the audience (ladies of course) fall in love with his character and to the actor himself.

The chemistry of these two actors and actress are perfect. They have been complimented by a lot of people with big names and they were loved by the audience. Aside from the reason that I love the book, Sam Claflin and Lily Collins are also the reason why I anticipated the movie. I love these two! Who doesn’t?

Now, one of the big questions is this: Is the movie similar to the novel? My answer is, somehow similar. The characters are similar BUT the background or the part of the characters are not. For instance, people who read the book know Ruby as Rosie’s bestfriend and Ruby is older than Rosie and they became best friend when Rosie started working. In the movie, Rosie met Ruby as a daughter of the owner of a drugstore. Brian is the father of Rosie’s child. That is both true in the book and in the movie. The difference is, in the book, Rosie did not marry Brian. She married Greg. Greg didn’t exist in the movie. Rosie’s older sister did not exist in the movie, instead, she got two younger brothers. One more thing, the bed and breakfast that Rosie owned at the end is the house she got from her mother or parents but in the movie, she bought an estate. I think the difference between the book and the movie is quite many.

Second big question. Will you recommend this to others? My answer? ABSOLUTELY! This is a cute romantic comedy that should not be missed. Sam Claflin and Lily Collins are the actors that should not be ignored. Aside from that, the soundtracks used are catchy. Last but not the least, the story is one of a kind. You will feel different emotions in one sitting. You will laugh, fall in love, cry, reflect, and be able to think about life and that’s where realization occurs.

If you loved the book, you will also love the movie. But of course, as a bookworm, book is ALWAYS better than the film adaptation.

Watch the trailer:


Movie Review : Love, Rosie

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