OOTD Lines and Prints

Although I wear uniform in my university, we, English majors, are allowed to wear different clothes. Corporate attire to be specific. This is because of our TESL course.

Anyway, this day is an excuse. I wore casual clothes because I just want to experience going to school not wearing our school uniform (like the students of Univeristy of the Philippines).

For today’s ootd, I decided to wear a skirt, sleeveless top and a cardigan. I dont have any option but to wear my black school shoes.

These days, lines and prints are in. Flower print skirt with lines/checkered top is now a match. I wore a cardigan to cover my arms because I feel awkward when showing skin. (In school particularly!)

I actually mix and match my clothes for today. And I come up with this. Not bad.

I hope I gave you idea when it comes to your ootd. Have fun exploring your closet gals. 😉



I look messy haggard (lol) here because it was already 7 pm.

OOTD Lines and Prints

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