Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review


Mr Grey will see you now

The movie is not open to all cinemas in the Philippines. Because the Filipinos are known as conservative people. The movie is only available in Robinsons Malls and Ayala Malls.

My friend and I went to Trinoma to watch FSOG. We arrived there at 5:30 and the line for the tickets was superb.


We waited for more than 30 minutes before we reached the ticket booth. We had no choice but to select the seats in the first row, the nearest seats from the screen. Good thing, the seats in Trinoma cinemas are comfortable. The back rest can be push backward so you can watch comfortably. Unlike the standard cinema seats where there is a possibilty where you will get your body stiff after a 2-hour movie.

Cinematography and Sounds
The color of the film was great. It doesn’t look dull;it looks modern. The shots were not shaky. The only problem I encountered is the sudden change of the color when the scenes change. There are dim light scenes in the movie followed by a bright light scenes. The result is, blind viewers. Nah, kidding but the transition really hurts the eyes of the viewers. Many reacted to this.
When it comes to the sounds of the film, I didn’t have a problem. I heard all the dialogues of the characters unlike other movies where they sound like they are whispering and the viewers cannot comprehend what the characters are saying.
The soundtracks of the movie are good. My favorite is Love Me Like You do by Ellie Goulding. The other soundtracks (I only heard the musics they played in the movie) are very sexy and seductive. Perfect for Mr. Grey, I mean for the film’s concept.


Will I recommend the film to others?
Yas! But if you are conservative and close-minded, please don’t watch it. This is for adults. Not for curious babies. This is also not for your libido. The story of the film requires people who are open-minded when it comes to behavior, personality, and the pleasure of the characters in the film. This is a psychological film. Be minded.

I advice you to have a knowledge of the story (better if you will read the book first) before watching to avoid ignorance.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

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