The Bitterness Phenomena During Valentines Day

Tomorrow will be the 14th of February and as early as Monday, we can already see Valentines things (heart ballons, teddy bears, bouquet of flowers). Along with these sweet stuff are love confessions and anniversary greetings. It is true that Valentines Day is very special for couples.

With sweetness and love in the air, there are also people who are so bitter when it comes to Valentines (Day) topic.

These people give bad comments and reaction everytime they see hearts, flowers and sweet couples. They were like “maghihiwalay din kayo”, “iiwan ka din nyan”, at “walang forever”,
(“You two will break-up”, he/she will leave you”, and “forever doesn’t exist”)

Is it necessary for these people to say those bitter words? It is so irritating whenever they say that. What did Valentines Day do to them?! I am not in a relationship but I don’t comment like that. I am also not a romanticist.

I hate when bitterness escape from their mouth simply because I can’t find a reason for them to do that. ESPECIALLY those people (whom I know) are not broken-hearted.

The probable reason that I can think why they keep doing that is because they want to be ‘in’. Maybe they think reacting like that is what you are suppose to do because everyone does it.

Doing or copying what the majority do is not my thing. It is irritating. In times like this, my personality of being different is showing. #IAmDivergent

The Bitterness Phenomena During Valentines Day

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