Happy V-Day!

This post contains how singles celebrate Valentines Day. This is only one way for the singles to celebrate. There are many other things how. And this is how I celebrated V-day.

After school, I asked for my friend’s help to transfer my things from my dormitory to our new house. Because we were so hungry, we decided to eat first. My friend is craving for Korean and Japanese food. Luckily, there is a Korean resto near my dormitory.

Korean Style (C.M. Recto)


Jeyuk dubab with soup, kimchi and iced tea
Pork donkasu with soup, kimchi and iced tea


Ddeokbokki (rice cake)
Fish cake (odeng)


Wow!~ I told you we were hungry that’s why we ordered so many food.

So this is our V-day celebration. Eat one meal together and talk about random things.

You don’t need flowers, chocolates and a man to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. A good food with a good fella is enough perfect.


Happy V-Day!

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