Happiness in Cupcakes

They say money can’t buy happiness but for me there are things that you can buy to make you happy, like sweets: Ice cream, cake and cupcakes. Shopping and travelling are some of the activities that can give you happiness.

I went to Trinoma to spend some time in my favorite eating place while reading a book. When I was about to go home, I saw this cupcake stall — Frostings, beside the escalator. As I fan of cupcakes, I check the flavors and prices of the cupcakes. I was delighted to see how affordable the prices are. For the regular, it is only 50 pesos while the premium is 60. The regular mini cupcakes (bite-sized) cost 10 pesos and premium 12 pesos. They also sell macaroons and lollipop cupcake.

I bought a box of mini cupcakes. I mixed the regular and premium cupcakes and cost me 152 pesos. So cheap! I find it cheap because in other cupcake shops, cupcakes cost 80 pesos and above and they don’t have mini cupcakes. If you buy a box of their cupcakes, you will get a 5% discount (140php) and 10% discount if two boxes. Mine cost higher than 140 because I ordered a combination of regular and oremium cupcakes.

They’re so cute!!! ♡
Personal pick. Milkshake.
Sweet tooth activated.

This is a great pasalubong (prsent, things or food that you bring from where you went to give to the people in your house).

Happiness in Cupcakes

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