My Size Is None Of Your Business

I was scrolling my news feed when this shared post caught my attention. I read the entire thing and visited the blog. This girl has all the courage that she needs. What she is doing is a smart, strong, and brave action. She is an inspiration to all plus sized people. As a woman having a body size that is not suitable for their so-called standard beauty, her action and her stance makes me brave enough to shout to the world that I am beautiful with my body size. People should really understand that we cannot be as thin like them for we have different bone structures and it is not our fault if the fats don’t want to leave our body. Being fat is not a sin. It doesn’t mean that we are glutton. Some people cannot lose weight because they have health complications. Some cannot have a thin body because their bones are big. Some are muscular. The family genes is the reason for the others. Stop labeling and categorizing us! Stop bullying and treating us as outcast of the society. We deserve to live freely and happily. We are human like you. But discriminating us doesn’t make you any human.

I am really thankful to the people who treat me nicely even I am fat. I am being bullied a lot by the people I know and by strangers because of my body size. I am being treated as an outcast because of it. Well, shame on those bullies.

I will stand no matter how many times you step on me. I will not let you crush me. Your words stab me like a sword but my action will slap you like a thunder.

Visit her blog and be inspired —


My Size Is None Of Your Business

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