My OJE Experience in A Fast Food Chain

One day, I woke up knowing that I only have a 2-day schedule in my university and that is such a major waste of time! So why not find a part-time job to make my vacant days worthy? As I am still a student and I gave up looking for an online English teaching job, I suddenly became interested to work as a service crew. Knowing that the fast food chains in my country are accepting working students, I passed my resume in several branches including the branch across my university. I will keep the fast food chain’s name a secret but I think you will find clues

After a month, I received a text message for an examination. I went to take the examination and it was a piece of cake compared to the rival food chain. The examination in this food chain was What-Ifs Situation while the examination in the rival food chain was composed of English and math. At the same day,I got a schedule for my OJE (On the Job Evaluation)

I was advised to wear white shirt with collar, black pants, black socks, black shoes and hair net. I arrived wearing most of the things listed except for black pants and black socks. I was not wearing any socks and I was not wearing a pants. I’m wearing what we call 3/4 pants. The manager told me to go home and change. I did. Then this is the start of my real OJE.

The manager showed me the kitchen and the back part of the place. I washed my hands before we headed to the lobby. The manager told me what I should do. I will only give the gist of what I did:
– I wiped tables
– I wiped the trays
– I swpet the floor
– I mopped the floor
– I mopped the bathroom floor
– I served the follow-up orders of the customers
– I spilled soda twice (the first time was witnessed by the manager)
– I was ordered around by the other lobby personnel
– I worked 5 hours straight without rest when it was supposed to be a 4-hour observation

At the end, I was so tired. My legs were numb. I was given free food. I expected it to be rice and chicken but I got plain burger. The manager told me that they will review my performance because there are many people that are also having their OJEs.

If I will not get the part-time job, nothing will change. I will not get tired from a job that only have a very small salary. Smaller than my allowance. I interviewed some workers that also working in the same fast food chain where I did my OJE and the salary is less than 2 usd per hour. It is like 1 usd and few cents only. Not fair!

I actually think that the service crews should have bigger salaries than managers because they do more work and their job is very tiring compared to managers that just sit all day. Behold, I’m not spreading hate here. That is just a shallow comment from what I experienced.

I will end up here. I hope that I somehow made my post clear ㅠㅠ

P.S. The 2-day schedule was my first class schedule and that was a week before the start of the classes, after the first week of classes, I changed the time of my two subjects and added two more subjects resulting to my 6-day commitment with my university.

¿Comprehendi? ¿Si? ¿No? – another PS, yo no soy español, just studying 😉

My OJE Experience in A Fast Food Chain

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