Throwback Playlist

I really admire the music of 90’s to late 20’s. They give good vibes and knowing that the songs really carry a meaning and not some crappy and illuminati songs make me want to support this kind of music more and more. These days, most of the music they produced are club, upbeat, pop rock music, etc that are meaningless. I’m not against these genres but what I’m pinpointing is the lyrics of the song they write.

After watching Princess Diaries on HBO last weekend, I heard this song that not only captured my attention but also my heart. The song I’m talking about is Miss You More by BBMak.

BBMak was an English pop group consisting of Mark Barry, Christian Burns, and Stephen McNally. Formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2003.

It was sad to know that they disbanded in a short span of time. They have great talents and awesome songs. On the other hand, I’m happy to know that they are doing fine these days, pursuing their dreams and still making music.

Here are some of their songs that I like. There are only 4 songs because I didn’t research all of their songs and just downloaded what I can in a limited time.

These 4 songs bring me back to the past where I viewed the world nicely and when there were only very small percent of negativity and problems the world had.

It’s not too late to admire and appreciate the music produced before. If you know this band, why not listen to their songs one more time? If you don’t know this band, well check ’em out! 😉


Bonus: Hi Boyzone and Backstreet Boys! ♡♡

Throwback Playlist

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