Budget Friendly Accessories

Who said that being a woman is expensive? Well, that’s actually true because there are lot of things that women should have. One example that women should have are accessories. I am not really a fan of accessories. I didn’t wear earrings for a long time. I resumed wearing earrings last week. I also don’t wear necklace, ring, and even bracelet. I am not interested to enter an accessory shop.

Then this happened.

I was browsing my instagram when an accessory shop account followed me. I check the account and saw the items being sell. The items are accessorries. I searched for more shops so I can have more choices. I chose @armpartyy because her items are affordable and she do meet-ups. My first order were bracelets. ‘Cause I want to join the arm parties lol.

My first orders from @armpartyy


Yesterday, I can’t find the earrings that I bought so I visited a Korean shop — CNA, outside my university. I bought 2 pairs of earrings. Same design but different size. Then today, I received my choker that I ordered from @armpartyy. I bought one cord and four charms.



Eiffel tower, moon, blessed, and wreath

With my four charms, I get to choose the charm I will use depending my mood. Great! ^^

At the end, I got bracelets, earrings, and chokers.
3 bracelets cost – 230 php
Earrings – 80 php
Choker cord and charms – 195 php


I recommend armpartyy’s shop because she is easy to talk to and very accommodating.
Visit the shop’s instagram – armpartyy/@braceletsph

Budget Friendly Accessories

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