Singer of the Day



Woot who’s this gal? — Becky G!!

I know that her songs that I downloaded are not her new relased but who cares? Songs never get old.

I am under the Last Song Syndrome of her Shower. Yeah, I know this is not new and I already loved this song before but the lyrics can’t stop me from getting hook.

Think of you when I’m going to bed
When I wake up, think of you again
You are my homie, lover and friend
Exactly why~~

This part makes me think I’m in love. The feeling of being in love makes me happy so even I’m loveless right now, I’m still happy.

I’m already an adult. I hope after a year or two, I will meet the guy that will be my homie, lover, and friend. See you soon šŸ˜€


Oath for my bestie
Can’t Stop Dancin’ for the guy I like ā™” (if there is)
Shower for my future guy ā™„

Singer of the Day

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