Winter On My Tongue

Living in a tropical country will make you sweat like a pig. However, the hot weather becomes an advantage when you crave for something cold. We can have as much as ice as we can endure and nothing is stopping us because we don’t have winter. :p

A plan to accompany my friend for his homework on his journalism class led us to this cutesy place.

I’ve seen this shop a couple of times but the name is not catchy. It’s so plain. Yelo in English is ice. Nothing special, right? So what’s with ice?
Behold. Never underestimate the name of the shop.

Yelo! A Taste of Snow
We asked the one of the staffs about the category of the shop and she said that Yelo! A Taste Of Snow is a diner. S’okay.

The shop was already in the market for two years. Established in June 2013 and owned by a couple–a Korean guy and a Filipina.

If you visited Korea, you probably know the dessert shop Ssulbing where you can have a delicious flavorful crushed ice. The snow ice in this place is very similar to the Korean dessert shop.
Chocolate ice with fruit and syrup

The place is very cute. It made me feel like a princess. Having a pink wall color and cute pink chairs will complete your princess dream.



The menu is also pink. Cute!

The outside appearance of the shop gave me a London vibe. Take a look.

Nachos with cheese dip and chocolae ice

I am not sure if nachos go along with chocolate but having a weird taste buds, it doesn’t bother me at all! Hehe.

I was happy with the service because we just waited for more or less 5 minutes and then got our orders. For me, it was a fast service. The crews are also accomodating and approachable. They are ready to satisfy the needs of their customers. Thumbs up for that.

For the prices of their menu, it ranges from 55 php to 300 php. The snow ice cost 70 for a plain snow ice, 85 php with fruit and syrup, and 115 for overload — more ice, more fruits and 3 different toppings. The rice meals cost 75 ala carte and less than 300 for combo meals.

The place is good for any ages. I’ve seen teenagers and middle-aged people eat in the shop. A food industry like this is perfect in the market.

The place is also accesible. It is just in front of Centro Eskolar University and Samson College of Science and Technology. Located in the 2nd floor of Gordi Plaza Ladies Dorm.

Will I visit the diner again? Definitely will! I will bring my friends and try the other flavors of their snow ice or will grab a smoothie.

Winter On My Tongue

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