Welcome me back

Hi guys! Guess who’s back? No other than me!!!! I’m sorry for being inactive for 2 months. I dropped my phone and the lcd cracked. I suffered of having a not-so-smart smartphone for 2 months. In today’s world, is that tolerable? Obviously it’s not. It’s torture. So how did I survive? As a person that knows how to sacrifice and put important things first, I told myself to forget my life in social media. I say goodbye for a while to my actions of  uploading photos on Instagram and writing reviews on my blog.

So a week before I say goodbye to my university and welcome myself in the world of unemployment, my dad bought me a new phone. I planned of video recording myself but I forgot to do it. Sorry. Moreover, you may not be ready to see my not pretty face 😂.

I will be busy in finding a job and I really need your positive cheer-ups. Wish me luck? Or pray for me? I don’t want to be unemployed and I want to keep myself busy earning money. 😆

Aww school girl no more. However, ending does not exist because after an end is a new beginning. – Irish T.P.


Welcome me back

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