Slushhh: Create Your Own Rainbow

We always dream of rainbows and unicorns. Unicorns are quite hard to achieve but guess what, rainbows are no longer incapable. In this world that fantasies are becoming realities, what more is tough to make real?

I am a mall-goer, food & drink explorer, and a frustrated blogger. So here it is. I don’t exactly know when they establish this shop but I always see this refreshment at SM North Edsa Sky Garden every time I go to this mall. And it is today that I tried the taste of the drink for the first time. We call it Slushhh. Nah, the owner named it.

Good thing I brought my man with me or else I’ll not be able to try the variety of flavors they offer. They have a total of 8 drinks: Bubblegum, Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange, Grapes, Lychee, Mixed Berries, and Cola. We tried everything except for Cola and Bubblegum. Have I mentioned that two things I like from this shop is that first, they allow you to have a taste of the flavors they offer, and second, you can have multiple flavors in your cup. Amazing!!!! Here’s how my taste of Slushhh looks like……


Mixed Berry – the best seller
Green apple – because we like the sourness and sweetness ♡
Strawberry – to have something that is common and because it tasted good

And that, people, is my own creation of a rainbow

Let’s express some love with Slushhh


They have cute, colorful and artistic doodles on the wall ♡♡♡


Kiss kiss fall in love 😘


Gulp.. gulp..

This is not the end but a temporary ending of today’s review and blog junk by yours truly. Keep slushhhing everybody 💕

Located at SM North Edsa, Second Floor Sky Garden

Slushhh: Create Your Own Rainbow

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