Too much emotion to have one title

A series of toss and turn, eyes wide open, and moon glowing brightly outside your window are definitely not a great feeling. It indicates frustration, sadness, and loneliness. It somehow becomes a part of a feeling when you are in trouble. Trouble in a relationship. You want to pull your hair, cry your eyes out, scream until you lose your voice, and stab yourself multiple times. Because it’s unbearable. It should not be felt by anyone.

You choose to open your heart, to love and be loved. But pain is included in loving someone. Fights and misunderstanding are inevitable. But the worst feeling is the feeling that your partner wants to give up and run away. That no matter what you do and how many times you plead and begged, you’ll be ignored. Obviously and eventually you’ll let go from the grip and move on. But before we go to that part, before we surrender everything. Let’s always put this in mind:

If I let him or her go, if I will let these problems drive our relationship; am I strong enough to face the world alone? Will I bear the feeling of not having him or her?

So before we give up from the pain of fights and misunderstanding that try to ruin relationships, let’s ask ourselves those questions.

It’s not being martyr. It’s being the best partner until the end.

Too much emotion to have one title

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