Easy Recipe: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Food food food. Food is life.

Cheese cheese cheese. Cheese is like the cherry on top of any sandwiches except that it is between the bread.

I would like to share a very easy recipe and how I did the griled chesse sandwich. But first, this is not my recipe. I was not the one who invented it. So we are clear with that. I am not owning any recipe. I am just sharing. ‘Cause sharing is caring lol.


We only need 3 ingredients

Bread, butter, cheese slices (some recipe will say mozarella or cheddar but those are expensive so have any cheese slices)

Ready your frying pan and spatula. Really, that’s all you need. Bread knife for spreading butter and slicing sandwich also, but not the main thing. Haha!

It is more fun and entertaining with pictures 😄


1. Spread butter on one side of the bread for crispy outside. Also so it wont stick on the pan. Haha!

2. Heat a small skillet or frying pan over medium. We only have frying pan and it is not non-sticky. But my sandwich didn’t stick so yey for that.

Then put one slice of bread. Make sure the side with butter should be the one facing the pan.

Like this

3. Wait for few seconds then put 2 slices of cheese like this

4. When the buttered side of the bread is golden brown, put the other bread like this

5. Then flip

6. Press down using a spatula

7. When the other side is already golden brown, turn off your stove and serve. You could slice it in half or dont slice it at all. If I am feeling generous, I slice it but if not, I eat the whole thing by myself. Hahaha!

Trust me, it is not difficult. It only appears complicated because I wrote 7 steps. But reality is, it is easy as 1 2 3.

But wait, there’s more!

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Easy Recipe: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Book with Traveloka

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2018!

Disclaimer: This post is about my experience with Traveloka and review about Mabini Mansion Hotel.

I just want to share how amazing traveloka app is. I know that this is not new to people who travel a lot but this may be a help for people that will try it for the first time.

It is already our family tradition to stay in a hotel for New Year’s Eve. So a week before Dec. 31, I downloaded the traveloka app to search for cheap hotels. I found great deals however I think I was late to check for the hotels that I want to stay because no more were rooms available. Morning of Dec. 31, I had a final talk to my mom regarding where to stay and she said that I can decide where (we were looking for affordable hotel rates because we are not rich). I checked the app once again and I always go to the review section and rely to the guests comments about the certain hotels. I found this hotel, Mabini Mansion located just beside the famous Luneta Park. All reviews are good so I decided to book Deluxe Suite for only 1500+ php or roughly $30. Traveloka is so generous to offer discount for the first time users so instead of paying $30 for 1 night, they gave me a 40% discount so my card was charged with only $18 (I just goggled the currency rate). Most importantly, you really need to know that booking with Traveloka is hassle-free. I only spent 2 minutes and I was done!

I booked a room in Mabini Mansion because this is the hotel that is so budget-friendly and got lots of good reviews (from the remaining available hotels shown in the app). Mabini Mansion is located in 1011 A Mabini St, Ermita, Metro Manila. Jeepneys are accessible just in front of the hotel. Since there was a fireworks display in Luneta Park, we got no problem watching it. The place is good and we got no problem in checking-in even though we booked last minute. Hehe.

Mabini Mansion Hotel is an old hotel but you dont need to be scared because it doesn’t look old. In fact, it feels like home because it has kitchen area, couches, and it is still spacious (I chose the deluxe suite type of room).

Check the video and pictures I took below. (Dont mind the noise and the topless man 😆)

The only problem I encountered were the mosquitos. I got bitten many times 😦

The location of the hotel is close to the ff:

Luneta Park

Ocean Park

Luneta Hotel

Eton Tower

U.S. Embassy

Manila bay

Check this screenshot for more places 😃

Thank you and have a wonderful year!! Please leave a comment. Xoxo.

Book with Traveloka

Deliciously Healthy

Hello everyone! I want to share my favorite vinegar water drink that I got today. I received another Hongcho, Korean vinegar water flavored fruit drink, from my student and this time it is Korean Black Raspberry flavor. Yey! I think this is my favorite in Korea and still my fave flavor of Hongcho. I was really surprised when my student gave this to me. My heart is so happy.

So a little story-telling. When I was in Korea, my Korean roommate let me taste this Korean vinegar drink. I was hesitant at first because I thougt it was like apple cider but I was surprised that it tasted like juice. Till I bought my own Hongcho and made it a part of my drink. ❤

So what is Hongcho?

Literally means Red Vinegar. Hongcho is a fruity, tangy, refreshing drink mix concentrate with pomegranate juice (this is from Hongcho Vital Plus Pomegranate definition) concentrate and vinegar that has all the health benefits of pomegranate and vinegar in one bottle

Why is Hongcho Good For You? 1. Vinegar may help support the rate of digestion 2. Vinegar may help absorb calcium 3. Hongcho can be an addition to your everyday healthier life 4. Vital Quencher! So Refreshing!

How to Enjoy Hongcho? 1. Add to your favorite cocktail, smoothie, carbonated water, milk, yogurt, salad dressing, marinade, etc.

2. Visit http://www.hong-cho.com/usa for other ways to use our Hongcho!

Okay. So it pretty much gave the details you need from the definition to the benefits to how to drink Hongcho.

I believe to the health benefits that it claims. I know someone who started drinking Hongcho and felt good after making it a part of her beverage. So if you like something sour and fruity, try Hongcho Vital Plus.



Deliciously Healthy

Hear Me Say

(And to some of the boys out there. I really don’t know your reasons. Why in the midst of having a good relationship with your girlfriend somehow you still cheat. One thing I can tell. If you experience being tired in your relationship, go back to that very first day why you courted her. Why you wanted her to be your girl. What are the traits and characteristics that you liked about her. Go back to that and spend some time with her. A different from the other.) – Saw this post online and translated it. This is only an excerpt anyway.

E N O U G H !

We can not always tell a man to go think about why he courted the girl because women also change. And if that change in your character is something that is horrible, how can you expect a person to stay with you? If your partner has vices, it is bearable but if his or her personality, character, attitude or whatever you call it, became horrible, you cannot tell that person, “why you courted me in the first place if you gonna leave me?”

We should stop pointing fingers. Instead, for some time, look at ourselves.

I am sick and tired of people being one-sided thinking that it is always the girl who gets hurt and always the boy who hurts. I am in a relationship and I myself witness that women also hurt their partners, maybe unintentionally, of just them being spoiled. When we were done with a huge fight, I reminded my partner of of his words when he was courting me. And his response woke me in reality. I am not the same person he got a crush on. I am no longer the sweet, kind, and understanding person. I turned into a monster when we are together. I realized that yes I became a monster and it was because he poured all his love to me that I unknowingly took advantage of it. I saw my fault. Maybe I can say that I am fortunate because my man explained what changes in me and didn’t leave me without explanation.

That situation opened my eyes that women are also, at some point, at fault in the relationship.

I’m against cheating, don’t get me wrong. However, that is a different story.

Hear Me Say

Potato Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Pork

My alter ego chef is out once again 😁. These past few days, I learned how to cook buttered shrimp and cheese tonkatsu. And because I want to add another recipe in my imaginary menu, I became resourceful, as what I’m normally is 😁. As I was saying, I became resourceful with what’s in our kitchen. I found a can of Campbell condesed soup Mushroom Champignons, bacon tidbits, potatoes, and cooked ground pork. That sums up the ingredients. 😁


  • Campbell condensed soup Mushroom Champignons or any canned mushroom soup or any canned soup you have
  • Potatoes 
  • Bacon (in my case, we have bacon tidbits. You can cut your bacon strips to tidbits)
  • Ground pork
  • white onion, salt and pepper for tasting


  1. Wash the potato and peel the skin off or if you want to include the potato skin, go on.
  2. Cut the potato. In any shape you want 😁
  3. Cook bacon tidbits and ground pork. Put it in a clean plate after.
  4. Boil the potato for 10-20 minutes until it softens. Poke with knife or fork to check.
  5. In a sauce pan, saute the white onion.
  6. Pour the whole canned of Camobell condensed soup into the sauce pan and add a half can of water (And a half can of milk if it is available. In my case, I only add water). Stir until the Campbell condensed soup dissolved.
  7. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Keep stirring.
  8. Add the boiled potatoes and the cooked bacon and ground pork.
  9. Keep stirring for 3 minutes and turn off stove.
  10. Remove from heat and serve.

Here’s the finish product.

I post it in instagram as my story. Tada!!

Typo 😂

[Sorry for any grammar mistakes]

Till then. Happy cooking!

Potato Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Pork