Boyfriend for sale: The Sandwich Guy

I think it has been 2 weeks since we went to Baguio. We stayed along session road so it will be near at Burnham Park and at the night market. We checked in in La Brea Inn. I like their staffs. Very approachable and accommodated us warmly.

Just few steps away, you will find this Sandwich shop, The Sandwich Guy. It claims to be the world’s first hexagon sandwich. I can’t disagree because this is indeed the first hexagon sandwich I tried.

For the location, just look for their signage outside because the same place near the pathway is a photo studio shop. The inside part of the place is the sandwich shop. Are you picturing it? Sorry not really good in describing places.

Here’s how the place looks like. Admirable I’ll say.

#NoFilter #SorryIGuess?


They provide colored paper and pen so you can leave remarks, dedication, and anything nice. 😉14358792_536849693179328_1607848140922553620_n


And now for the food


I was craving for sandwich that time and good thing The Sandwich Guy was to the rescue. Hehe! I ordered half size of  carbonara. Small serving, yes. Hyuu~~ 😦 But the size of the sandwich is enough to fill your tummy. They offer half size. The size on the photo is full size. Remember? Hungry? Hehe! I will give 5 star for affordable price. 😉 Wew! I love winking huh? 😉

I guess I was so hungry  that time that I was unable to take a photo of the sandwich  before I munched it. Anyway, it was good except for the burned bread. When you go Baguio, give it a try and be the judge. Mwah!

Boyfriend for sale: The Sandwich Guy