Tree of Life

Hello y’all! It’s been a while since I last updated. Sorry I was being lazy. Anyway, my post today will be about how coconut water helped me in my health problem /cries/.

I had UTI (urinary tract infection) and unfortunately after having an ultrasound, I was informed that I have urinary retention that’s why I am prone in having UTI /sobs/. Let me tell you what happened. One morning, a woke up with a pain on my lower abdomen. The part where we feel pain when our bladder is full. Naturally, we will release the fluid in our body but in my case, no matter how long I sit in the toilet bowl and do some noises to be able to pee, it won’t come out. I was in terrible pain and I was crying because I was freaking out. The thought that came on my mind is what if I need to undergo operation because of this? And I’m scared of anything related with surgery. Just no. So I went outside the bathroom and told my mother what was happening to me while crying. She helped me do something so I can release my pee. Good thing she knows what to do in health related things because I have zero idea. To cut the long story short, we went to a laboratory to do blood test and urinalysis. It took half an hour and I still cant pee no matter how many water I drink. Then we saw coconut and bought one. I drank the coconut water and after five minutes or so, I felt the need to pee. Successfully, I’ve done what I have to do.

Even when I’m taking meds, I always drink coconut water to help me cleanse my inside and release toxins. I limit myself to water and coconut water and refrain from drinking any colored drinks.

It leaves me no choice but to love coconut water. They say fresh coconut water is healthier or better than water. It cures sickness. I guess that’s why it is called Tree of Life. 

So guys if you want to drink coconut water even you dont have any illness, make sure you are drinking the fresh one. Not the one that is already packed even it is written ‘no preservatives’. We know how business work. I’ll end it here. Happy reading! Live long!

Tree of Life